October 31, 2014

Paintings #23 and #24 Loading the Bases

Chilliwack Farmhouse, 9X12"
The Red Barn, 8X10"

Here are two images from one of my favorite painting areas - Chilliwack, BC.  I love this area because there are plenty of hills and mountains, and farms with cattle, out buildings and crop fields.  It lends itself to paintings with interesting shapes, colors and aerial perspective.  I  feel from an artistic standpoint  that this kind of situation gives me a lot to sink my teeth into. Organic shapes, inorganic shapes, color surprises.  Lots of elements to work with.

Some locations lend themselves to plein air painting better than others, that's for sure.  A spot where there are fewer elements from which to choose, i.e., no interesting foreground, no colour accents, not a cloud in the sky, no background hills or foreground trees to help a establish a varied and interesting change of plane and distance,..these things make the process  of creating a solid and interesting design tougher in my estimation

Simply put, it's easier to score if the bases are loaded.  

I hope these warm summer paintings chase the October chill out of your bones!   Happy painting, everyone.


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