October 19, 2014

Painting #21 - Get What Ya Need

Low Tide at Crystal Cove, 9X12"

My plan had been to paint out towards the ocean, but this scene looking back at the shore caught my interest.  I had planned a painting trip with friends to paint all of the lovely rivulets of ocean water at low tide, and so booked a cabin in this particular cove.  To my suprise (and dissapointment) all of the interesting tidal stuff was happening in the middle of the night.  During the day, all we got was EXTREME low tide.  No tidal pools and rivulets.  They had been there in March when I visited this spot, but it was a different story in June.

The really great thing about that was it made me look for stuff to paint that I had not previously tackled.  Instead of the obviously picturesque design rich stuff I had planned to paint, I had to look elsewhere.

Art is so much like life.  As the Rolling Stones stated so eloquently,  " Ya can't always get what ya want, but if you try sometimes, if ya try some times....ya get what ya need. Oh yeah."

When you are out there painting on location stay light on your feet, stay open.  There are suprises to be had, some of them good.

Still some nice painting days left.  Enjoy.


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