November 19, 2014

Ranch Lands Plein Air Excursion - paintings #24, #25, and #26

Here are three of eight paintings done this September at a friends ranch.  I had a glorious adventure painting in the Hat Creek Valley with fellow painter Mark Hobson.

I  very much enjoy painting with Mark - we have no trouble finding a spot that works for both of us. What is interesting is that we invariably end up painting very different compositions, sometimes even facing different directions.  It is great fun to wander over to the other's easel in a moment of frustration (or just when your eyes need a rest or back needs a stretch) and see how your painting partner is handling the same subject matter.

Sometimes it offers a fresh perspective and helps you to see something in the landscape that you may have overlooked at first blush.  Other times it offers your fellow painter a second set of eyes to solve a problem that has arisen on the canvas before him; then there are the times that you see your painting comrade is doing a brilliant job while you are stumbling about and getting stuck on your own canvas.  A morale crisis can sometimes ensue, but generally  I  give myself a brisk talking to and march back over to my easel with  resolve to work through the problems that have arisen on my  own  canvas.

Always, it is more fun to paint with a friend. Safer too - sometimes there are bears about!

Happy painting, everyone.


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