October 4, 2014

Paintings #19 and #20 - Artistic License

I have included these two painting to continue the conversation on working with the landscape in front of you and altering the elements as necessary.

 The top painting of Glen Valley was not an ideal painting spot - it was a hot day so we had to find some generous shade, so our options were limited.   The vantage of the valley  from this particular spot seemed too distant and there was no real foreground.  I chose to add the foreground trees to create a more interesting design - the strong dark verticals are so helpful in composing.

The second painting was done up in the Great Bear Rainforest.  The scene is fairly true to what was there, but it lacked scale.  After we had left the location, a zodiac took us to another inlet where we spied a young grizzly grazing.  Just then, my camera battery died and I missed getting any really good shots of the handsome fellow.  I got out my paint box as soon as we were back on the ship and dropped him into the painting done earlier in the day.  It provided a small color shot and also a sense of scale.  

Artistic license - such a commonly used phrase.  But WE (us artists) own it!

Happy Painting!

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