November 13, 2011

The Painting is the Teacher....

Last weekend, my good painting buddy Janice Robertson invited me to come out and introduce daily painting to a group of her painting friends.   The top photo is in Janice's new studio and the bottom photo is of the group of wonderful women  I had the pleasure of working with (Janice is middle second row, I am middle bottom row).  It was a good group of painters,  some of whom paint professionally. The idea of teaching anything to those that probably know as much as or more than me was a little daunting, but the group soon put me at ease.

I am convinced anew at the value of this process.  Every single little painting presents new lessons, no matter what the skill or experience level of the painter.  For each participant, the lessons began with the first brushstroke and never stopped.  The painting is the teacher, and we are all, always, students.

Thank you Janice for your hospitality, sharing your lovely space and your wonderful friends. Thanks to Mark Hobson for the great photos, and to the workshop participants,  for their willingness, good energy and hard work.  You guys rocked!

"Sell your cleverness and buy bewilderment" - Eastern Saying

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