October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

Happy Halloween, kiddies!  The leaves are yellow, the pumpkins off the vine and a decided nip is in the air here in the interior of BC.

I enjoyed painting these tiny pumpkins - so many plane changes - lots to work with.  I wanted to do something I haven't tried before, so I threw some foil wrapped Werther's candies into the mix.  I wasn't sure if I would be able to get them to read as shiny, but then I remembered  these words of wisdom - "YOU CAN ONLY EVER PAINT THREE THINGS - VALUE, COLOR, AND SHAPE".  Get those things right and the painting paints itself - it's sort of like putting a puzzle together.  If you start by getting one color/tonal/shape relationship right, then put the next right one next to that, etc, all the pieces fit in the end.   If you do this, the painting gets easier, not harder, as you progress.  Having said that, I did make some adjustments as I went along.  I don't often get it exactly right with the first stroke.  And that's okay.

Stay warm and have a safe, fun Halloween.  Don't eat too much candy.  Isn't it tough when the traffic of little trick or treaters to your door slows down and you think - whatever should I do with all this chocolate? Oh yeah....

Happy Painting,

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