November 22, 2011

Life's a Beach....

Hard day at the office!  I just heard my driveway back in Sorrento, BC has a foot of snow on it so I am feeling understandably smug.

I just finished teaching a four day workshop here in Santa Barbara, and had a wonderful group of painters.  This is an amazing place with amazing light - I'll be sending some more images over the next couple of weeks.  Just about every place I've set up to paint, it's tough to know which direction to face as there is such a plethora of stunning visual elements to work with.

I've been painting most days since I have been here, and will start to post those paintings soon.  In the meantime,  I hope all of you will try to stay warm.  I'll be sending you warm thoughts :).  Below is a very quick demo done at the end of the day, turned 180 degrees from the beach I painted on earlier. 

"Hendry's  Slough", 30 minute color study, 8X10"

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