November 27, 2011

"Cliffs at Leadbetter Beach", oil on canvas, 10X8"

This little demo painting was completed in about 45 minutes during the workshop I taught here in Santa Barbara.  The light here is different than in BC.  The palette is generally warmer than what I would use at home, and the forms are unique to this area as well - such an adventure.  Also, I am loving the excuse to spend all day in some really stunning locations.  The trick is to try and do it justice - one can only try.

I have posted below a photo that I took today of the Monarch butterfly migration - here they are clustering on a Eucalyptus tree while resting and warming themselves.  An amazing thing to see.  Speaking of warm, it was about 80 degrees F here today.  Sending some warmth your way....

Happy painting!

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