October 21, 2011

"Fall Tomatoes" 6X8", oil on canvas

This is a very simple subject matter made interesting with gradations, temperature changes and a complimentary color palette.  When the subject matter is this simple, it's easy to make a boring painting.  It is necessary that all the small changes be exactly right ie, the color and tone of the reflection of the plate on the bottom of the tomatoe,  and the careful drawing of the green stem.

Its a lot of fun to experiment with different color palettes during these daily paintings.  When painting the landscape from life, most of the visual information is dictated by what  is in front of you.  I have fun looking through my fridge, my stack of colored cloths, and my plates and trying different things.  Sometimes making a decision on what to paint and then finding a workable design takes as much time as the painting process.  And really, why shouldn't it?

Have some fun with these little paintings.  Come on out and play.



  1. Such lovely, light-filled, non-boring(!) daily paintings. I truly like you color palette choices both here and in your other posted daily work.

  2. Hi Gaye...beautiful.
    Oh yes as to what and how can take just as much time or more than the painting itself.
    I'm looking forward to playing with You and Janice in November.

  3. I look forward to working with you, Annette. Come well rested! ;)

  4. The sleeves are rolled and ready to Work : )

  5. Just discovered your blog through Carol Horzempa's . . . Spent a couple of hours looking at Burdick and Lyon's work for the first time just yesterday morning and now see the figure (beautiful!) you did in their workshop! Really enjoy your blog and paintings!

  6. Definately not boring! Wonderful little painting!

  7. Thanks Kimberley - amazing what you can do with a little light. It's all about the light.....