September 5, 2011

"Hat Creek Pony" oil on canvas, 16X20"

This is a little studio painting....time to push out a few larger paintings.  I find it interesting how much more quickly studio paintings go since I have been working at improving my core skills by drawing and painting from life.  As I have discussed with fellow painters, skill levels tend to plateau when only studio painting is done - and by this I am referring to paintings that are  executed  primarily with the use of photographic reference, working 2D to 2D.   Working from life is a lot tougher, but really necessary if you are wanting to see improvement.

I am always curious to know what the experiences of other artists are like in this regard, so drop me a line if you have some comment around this.  Inquiring minds want to know.

As always - happy painting!


1 comment:

  1. I agree about working from life. I like to start out working from life, then before the painting's finished, check my computer screen to "fix" problems.