September 24, 2011

Studio Work Season....

Today I am showing you another studio piece.  Fall is typically the time of year that I am hunkering in to my studio to catch up and produce some gallery work for fall and Christmas shows.  It is a shift for sure after spending much of the summer painting small studies from life. Although there is a certain satisfaction in completing a larger studio piece, I have to say I have quite fallen in love with the practice of working from life and know that I will keep doing it throughout the rest of my painting career.  I would like to think that the practice informs my larger studio pieces on quite a number of levels.

Over the next few weeks I will be getting in some days devoted entirely to working from life (GOTTA keep my chops up) and I am looking forward to that.  I'm loving the challenge and the results I see in my growth as a painter as a result of the practice of daily painting.  I will post some of those as I get them done.

In the mean time, I'm hoping all of you are keeping the paint flying and the brushes wet.



  1. WHAT A DYNAMITE PAINTING, GAYE! Painting from life makes a HUGE impact on our work!

  2. Thanks Alice, thanks Elaine. In answer to your question Elaine, the painting is 24X30", oil on canvas...I forgot to include that in my post!

  3. This painting is amazing! So beautiful! I feel like I'm there.