August 22, 2011

Whistler Workshop

This was my demo piece today - the students asked me to paint something with glass - which isn't my first choice for a demo painting, but I dove in anyways.  This was 8X8" and painted up without incident.  It always fun to see how much I can leave out and still make something read, and here I left out a lot of information in terms of the small shapes in the glass, but it I think it worked. Less is usually more.   

 Here's me and my group (I'm the blonde in the front row) - a great bunch with wonderful energy. 

I threw everybody in to the deep end of the pool, with only three days to hammer in a lot of basics - design,  drawing, tonal relationships, temperature relationships....all the basics of representational painting.  I am more convinced than ever of the value of daily painting as a teaching tool.  As usual, there was some frustration rising initially, and some were needing to "take a moment" to decompress when frustration rose up, but, without exception, everyone persevered and in the end seemed as proud of their efforts as I was of them.

Great work gang!  Also thanks to the folks at Whistler Arts Council and at Nita Lodge for looking after me so well.  I'd come back here in a heart beat.

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  1. Look at all of those fabulous paintings! I can tell it was a good day for all!