August 10, 2011

A word about the demo process....

This little painting was another demo done while I was in Gibsons.  Here's the thing about doing demo paintings:  the concentration required to get all of the necessary elements in the painting reading well - drawing, tonlaity, color temperature relationships, etc., is a very right brain process.  If concentration is off, things generally start running amuck, and sometimes very quickly.

Talking to a group of people about what I am doing while I am doing it,  drags me back into a verbal, analytical mode that does not lend itself into seeing things well.  It's quite the mental excercise to focus between verbal expression around painting process and  getting the painting right while doing it. 

Many students have told me that they find the demo work time in the workshop most valuable to their learning,  so demos will always be an important instructional tool in my workshops. It is a time honored teaching method, and one that most instructors I know find to be a little nerve-jangling.   I  grateful that I always find myself painting to a gracious audience.



  1. I think the painting looks great! I have trouble with "grays" while doing demos. Probably because I don't take the time to mix them up...I like to talk too much! LOL!

  2. Thanks, Kimberly. "Grays" are interesting, for sure. When I say "grays" I refer to all those mixtures that are less saturated than the purer pigments around them. I mix the saturated color, then "bump" it, lighter, darker, warmer, cooler, etc...and you never know if the mixture is right until the stroke goes on the's difficult.