January 17, 2011

"Summer Storm" 6X8" soft pastel on canson paper

This is a quick study rendered in soft pastel, my all time favorite medium.  The medium is second to none when it comes to directness and malleability.  In addition is is very efficient time-wise.  There is no time wasted in set up or cleaning brushes.

Interestingly enough, the longer I paint in soft pastel, the fewer sticks I require to get the job done.  I know how they will layer and interact with other pigments laid down, and I have learned how to "mix" what I need on the surface of the painting.  One never knows all the possibilities within a medium until you have spend many easel hours hunting and pecking, turning things upside down and rattling them around a bit.

If you are frustrated handling the current medium you are working in, hang in there.  A few hundred paintings from now, it will reveal all it's secrets. That should keep you busy....

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