January 27, 2011

"Red Onion" oil on canvas, 6X8"

This little study of a red onion was a demo piece done during my last "Daily Painting" workshop.  It was an exercise in analogous color usage.  Analogous colors are those next to each other, or in very close proximity, on the color wheel.  I struggled to edit this photo (with very limited success) to show the subtle changes in temperature within the red of the onion.

Color perception and  color mixing are really pushed to the max with this sort of study - subtle shifts make or break the whole painting.  It's hard work.  The best lessons in art (and in life) are usually the most challenging ones.

Paint on, pilgrims, paint on!


  1. Great onion painting...you mastered the subtle shifts of reds beautifully!

  2. Thanks Carol - it was a lot of fun trying!