January 2, 2011

"Monica" oil, 8X10"

This is a study from a model that I completed while I was away in Santa Barbara.  It's been a little while since I painted from the model, and I always enjoy it so much.  I'd like to send a thank you to Pamela, a new painting friend down in SB, for sharing her studio (and her model) with me.

A few things that I find helpful to keep in mind when painting from the model:

-drawings are organized with lines, paintings are organized with shapes, so find shape relationships rather than just drawing in a linear fashion.  Lines can work, but I think it is a tougher way to get the drawing right.
-block in large shapes first, smaller shapes within the larger shapes after that.
-models move, so get your shapes right as quickly as you can, then stick with those proportional relationships once you have them down and have them right.
-simplify, simplify
-pay attention to temperature shifts  within the skin tones - skin is not "skin" colored.
-paint what you see - as soon as you get lazy, all manner of bad drawing and incorrect relationships can (and will) manifest.
-squint down often to make sure the tonal relationships are right

After too much chocolate and WAAAY too much turkey,  it's gonna feel good to get back to the studio!  Happy painting everyone!



  1. I love your way with color, very rich and vibrant.
    I paint from a model weekly and love it. There's nothing like painting from life whether model, plein air or still life.