April 5, 2010

Peeling Tangerine, 6X6" oil on canvas

I know, I know, MORE citrus fruit.  I  like the shapes and colors, and how the light can shine through the translucence of the fruit.  I have known for a long time that what attracts me to a subject matter is not the subject matter at all, but what kind of a foil it makes for strong light.  Every painter has their thing, the thing that "floats their boat" and nudges them gently, or not so gently, towards the easel.  Mine has always been creating the illusion of light.  These still life subjects that allow me to set up the light in a way that is interesting to me entices me to keep going with them.  I feel I am learning something new with each tiny painting.  They are certainly teaching me far more than my studio paintings ever have.  I'm liking that.


  1. This one is very striking. I like the orange against the blue background, and you definitely captured the light coming through... so nice to look at.