April 7, 2010


I'm so VERY convinced in the value of the painting a day process as a way to increase painting skills no matter what level you are starting at,  that I have decided to offer a workshop that will teach a solid approach to developing your own painting a day practice.  I will be working in oils, and would prefer students to work in oils as well.  If you do not have oil paints, bring your best brushes and I will share around my oils for a $30.00 fee to save you having to purchase especially for the workshop. 

The workshop will be three days long and will be held in my home studio in Sorrento (actually Blind Bay, just outside of Sorrento) BC.  I will be hosting it myself, and taking no more than eight students.
The dates will be June 5,6 and 7th, and the cost will be $275.  A $100 deposit will hold your place.  Email me directly at gayeadams@telus.net if you are interested.  I'm looking forward to sharing the joy!

My mailing address is 2929 Juniper Crescent, Sorrento, BC V0E 2W2

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  1. How great that you are offering this outstanding opportunity Gaye. Lucky students who sign up for this, they will learn so much from you!