April 8, 2010

Pears in White Bowl, 6X8", oil on linen

I am really enjoying messing around with design.  Iwanted to see if I could make the bowl "kiss" the edges of the format without creating so much tension that the center of interest would be lost.  It's all about relationships, folks.  Breaking the rules works just fine if you have a plan for how to deal with it.
In this case the stems of the pears are interesting enough to keep the viewer from wondering where the heck the center of interest is.   Visually speaking, we don't like to be kept dangling, it makes us uncomfortable, so the painter's job is to stay in control of directing the viewer's eye.


  1. Hi Gaye,
    Just found your blog and am really enjoying it. I like this piece it is very warm and reflective. You are right about the stems they really keep the eye in the picture. I also love the tangerine piece, so rich and luscious!

  2. Hey Amanda! Good to hear from you. I wondering if perhaps you are getting the "painting a day" bug also!