April 28, 2018

Croatia 2018 - and other Painting Adventures....

Swimming in the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik,
nice and warm in September!

A view from atop the walls of Dubrovnik

One of our painting locations,  Fort Lovrojenac
(one of the filming locations for Game of Thrones)

The thing I absolutely LOVE about plein air painting is the excuse to go to amazingly beautiful locations, and then explore them by finding amazing subjects and then expressing them in paint.  Standing still in one spot allows you to paint an experience.  For me it's a visual journal that transports me back to the day I painted, and I recall the little things.  The smell of the air, the sights, sounds - even the cold beer at the end of the day with fellow painters- it all comes flooding back.  I revel in these experiences.

I have included a number of photos of various locations on my upcoming Croatia tour in order to tantalize you - it truly is a wonderful experience, and I have gotten to know some great painting locations in the area through the years.  The class size is small, the cost very reasonable, and I think it is a really great value.  Non - painting partners or spouses are most welcome on this tour.  There is lots for everyone to do.  For details on the Croatia trip, go here: http://www.slikamilina.ca/gaye-adams-workshops/

If you are new to the plein air experience, I have a new workshop offering this summer, called "Introduction to Plein Air", to be held in July.  I will have it on my site soon.  It will be held in the earlier part of July in the Langley area, and details will be available very soon.  It is a good primer for the Croatia trip.  I also have a plein air workshop offered in July for those of you who have done it before.  For details on these local workshops, click here: http://gayeadams.com/workshops/

I hope you will come out and have some adventures with me this summer and fall.  You'll work hard, and you will also create some wonderful memories.   I suspect some pretty decent paintings will come out of the experience as well. :)

Contact me with any questions:  gayemadams@gmail.com.  The rains are ending, so let the painting begin!!!!


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