May 15, 2015

Want a Free Painting?

Above is a picture of me, ten years ago, painting at Bear Valley Highlands, the location of a workshop I have coming up June 20-23, four days, four nights.   In addition to the beautiful setting, it is a lovely get away.

I want a good turn out for this workshop, and Barbara Fresz, the workshop facilitator is offering 10% off the cost of the workshop if you bring a friend!  Share the savings with your friend if you would like :).   In celebration of my tenth anniversary working with Bear Valley Highlands, I am offering a FREE PLEIN AIR SKETCH to each attendee.  I have never done this before, and quite possibly never will again.

There are two reasons for this offer:  I want to fill the workshop quickly,  and I also love for my students to have a piece of art to take home and use as a reminder of techniques covered in the workshop.  After doing my plein air project last summer, I have a lot of outdoor sketches, and I think they should be "out there" with my students, rather than in my studio.

In my intial course description I had said to bring a digital camera or an ipad or tablet if you have one.  If you do, great, if not, we can share, so please don't worry about it.

I will bring a dozen or so of these sketches to the workshop, and students will choose in order of their sign up,  an oil sketch to take home with them.  In galleries, these sketches, unframed, retail for anywhere from $300 to $600 dollars.

The food and accommodation, offered at only $85 per day in total are both wonderful.  Cost of the four day workshop, all inclusive, is $790.   Beautiful fully plumbed, heated and wired  log chalets with full kitchens is where you will tuck in at the end of the day; Bring your own bottle of wine if you want some.   All meals and snacks are home cooked and organic, enjoyed at a private table with only us attending.  Just amazing.  There is even a large indoor facility to paint in if we have a day of bad weather, or want to paint inside in an evening.  For more information on workshop content, CLICK HERE

It's going to be lovely.  Please come and join us!  You can register by CLICKING HERE.

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  1. Oh how I would LOVE to do something like this. What an experience!

    Perhaps in the future if I can get some $ saved up from working.