June 20, 2014

91 Days of Summer Project - painting #6

"Herefords Grazing"  painting #6

This is another piece from my Smithers trip.  It was really interesting having a herd of cows to play with.  It's a good example of just how much information you can leave out and still have something read.  These cows are really just blocks of color and tone with no detail.

In my opinion, less detail in not only more fun to paint, but more fun to view.  In fact, en plein air, it isn't really even feasible to try and paint detail as everything is constantly on the move.  The clouds, the light, the cows....

The herd moved very close for a while ( a painting companion had to shoo them back from the fence at one point just so we could see the landscape), and then back into the distance.  I chose one reference cow at a time to drop into the landscape as a nice warm "counterpoint" to all the green.  I positioned them not as they were, but rather in a way that would work in the overall design.  Too much fun.  Really.

Happy painting, hope you are keeping those brushes moving!


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