July 10, 2012

Me, Robert Bateman and the Painting Fellowship

Thunk!    Did I just hear a name drop????  I couldn't resist the opportunity to have a photo taken with Robert Bateman, one of eleven intrepid painters that I had the pleasure of painting with on Calvert Island recently.

It was a real gift to not only have a sense of somehow aiding the common good by doing my thing, but it was also wonderful to spend some time with other artists, comparing stories, approaches, information and inspiration.  The picture on the bottom is the group of artists that I met with at the Hakai Institute during the Artists for an Oil Free Coast project a few weeks ago.

It's a wonderful thing to get to paint in such an inspirational setting alongside other painters;  all of us wrestling with a way to do the setting and the project justice.  We shared ideas and encouragement freely.  Robert Bateman and his wife Birgit joined us and shared their experiences and vision for conservation with our group.  They were very genuine and open people, as were all the other artists on the trip.  What a great pleasure.

There is really nothing better than painting in the great outdoors with a group of great painters.  Put on that sunscreen and get out there!

Happy painting,

PS  I still have several spots left in my plein air painting workshopAugust 8-11.  Details are on my blogspot and please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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