June 29, 2012

Artists Making a Difference

Less than a week ago, I painted this small study barefoot on a remote beach in the Great Bear Rainforest....a small cove at low tide provided a private painting sanctuary for a silent day of drinking in this pristine wilderness. 

Fifty artists were brought together by Tofino artists Mark Hobson, who with the help of many dedicated volunteers and professionals, and under the auspices of the Raincoast Conservation Society, have launched the project "Artists for an Oil Free Coast". 

Most are aware of Enbridge's  "Gateway Project", as their ad campaign is extremely aggressive.  It leads us to believe the project is in the interest of BC's economic well being, and that chances of a spill are miniscule.  Studies on the dangers were conducted on Enbridge's payroll; a hard look at the facts presents an entirely different picture than what Enbridge presents.

A super tanker route is planned to pass along this coastline, and through some of the roughest water on the face of the planet.  An oil spill is imminent if their plans go through, and would affect BC's pristine coastline, right from Campbell River up to Alaska.  To read more, go to http://www.raincoast.org/oil-free-coast/ .

It was wonderful to be invited to participate in this project, and my deep appreciation goes out to Mark and all the others that have and continue to participate to raise the level of public awareness.  A show of the work will travel across the country, and a book and documentary will ensue as well.  I expect it will be an incredible show.

Not only was it an amazing experience to see this part of BC, but it was great to be able to contribute to such an important and worthwhile undertaking.  What I have next on my plate is the creation of a large piece for this show.  I came back so inspired, I hardly no where to start - which is a very good feeling.

Happy Painting,


  1. Sounds like it was a wonderful experience. Love the painting!

  2. Well said, Gaye. Look forward to seeing you soon. Just posted a shot of you on my blog
    xo Jan