May 21, 2012

Color Mixing Class - June 8,9,10

Red and Green, oil on canvas, 6X6"

I find that in all the years I have taught painting,  the vast majority of my students seem to suffer from what I call "color mixing confusion".  I am always asked how I arrived at a particular mixture, and it is always a near impossible question to answer as I have no formulas, just principles that I follow.  Principles that I am happy to share with you in my upcoming workshop.

We will work from life, not photos (the camera makes decisions about color, and does not see it nearly so well as your eyes can), and we will face the beast head on - and find out it really is not all that beastly.  The workshop is held in my home studio - a complete course description is on my sidebar to the right of this post (just scroll down a little).  Feel free to email me with any questions:

Hope to see you there!  Happy painting!

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  1. I agree about working from life. Sounds like it will be a great workshop!