July 30, 2011

"Quill Lake Sunset" 6X8", soft pastel on paper

Dear Readers,

I have been sooo remiss in my postings.  I've been wandering around studying and teaching in this last month and it has taken my time and energy, but it's been a great month!

This is a pastel demo rendered during a workshop I recently taught in Qualicum Beach.  There is a WONDERFUL pastel showing there right now.  All soft pastel - a rare thing indeed.  The workshop was in conjunction with the show.  Pastellist Dan Gray organized the show which can be seen at The Old School House.  The show includes work by AY Jackson, Harley Brown,  Grandmaison, and includes a wonderful selection of  current Canadian pastellists.  Top notch in my books.

Pastel was my first medium, and I painted in it exclusively for many years, so it was great to get my fingers dirty again.   Its immediacy, malleability and opacity make it a very straight forward and rewarding medium to work in.  The study above probably took about half an hour - gotta love that.


  1. Beautiful painting! Glad you "got your fingers dirty" again! It's always fun to re-visit an old medium!!

  2. Wow Gaye! Just LOVE the light in this piece. Absolutely outstanding work.