July 2, 2011

The Quick Sketch

The first five days of the 10 day workshop with Scott and Sue was strictly drawing, starting with the "quick sketch".  These were poses from the model that were 1-5 minutes long.  The instruction is to draw the model as a series of angles, using plumblines to align verically, and the horizontal of your pencil to see angles.  I hadn't really drawn this way from the model for some time.

Here's the thing about drawing:  seeing accurately enough to get the drawing right deteriorates over time unless we are constantly practicing.  Drawing from photos is much easier (2D to 2D), so practice from life is essential in order to get the drawing chops honed.  If ya don't use it ya lose it, much in the same way our body loses condition if we stop excercising.

I included this drawing of a short pose so you could see the process of finding angles and alignments.  A nude model is much easier for this purpose simply because you can see the structure and have points to measure off of.  It is also easier to tell when you have gone astray because there is no clothing to cover up your mistakes. 

Draw, pardner.

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  1. I totally agree! My favorite way to draw are these five minute sketches. I'm not big on drawing (wish I was), but I so enjoy the freedom and the "deadline" of getting it on paper so quickly.