November 14, 2010

"South Fork, Wyoming" study, pastel on paper 8X10"

This is a study recently completed from which a larger painting will be rendered.  It was not plein air, but was painted using the help of a photo reference. Why do I include it here?  Because I think it is a great example of how the daily painting practice has helped me learn to simplify.  It is very much informing my studio work.   This is what is all about, fellow painters.  Goethe said "The things which matter most should never be put at the mercy of the things which matter least".  It has become my mantra.  Second favorite painting mantra is "Take notice of that which is inconsequential and then ignore it."  "Less is more".  (OK, it get that anyone who has ever had the dubious pleasure of attending one of my workshops will be sick to death of hearing these quotes...don't roll your eyes at me!)

Pithy sayings stick because they are true.

I am off for a month to Santa Barbara, and will be doing all plein air work while I am there.  Stay tuned, my Santa Barbara paintings will be in the upcoming posts!


  1. Great painting and great quotes!

  2. Wonderful painting! My daughter has lived in MT and WY quite a bit, and worked for a while in that area. You captured the western look. Love your colors and composition. You are right-on with the quotes. Less IS More, and all that. Seems like one of the hardest things to do in painting is to simplify. Life too, for that matter.