October 12, 2010

Early Morning in Silver Creek, oil on Canvas, 6X10"

I had the great pleasure this week past of going out and enjoying the indian summer by painting en plein air.  I joined artists Jerry Markham, Wendy Penner and Dennis Webber.  Whilst out there I remarked to Jerry, "Tough day at the office, eh?"
There's nothing quite like spending a day out in the field painting; as far as the paintings go, ya win some, ya lose some.  It's the process and the experience that is so very valuable ( I sometimes have to remind myself of this when it is not going too well on the easel).

Here's a little tip for you:  If you plan to make the light convincing, get all the major tones and colors in place in the first half hour, most especially if you are painting in early or late light; otherwise, you end up "chasing" the light, and you will be continually adjusting your painting.  Problematic to say the least.  Get it right and get it fast - simple, but not easy!

Happy painting!

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