October 5, 2010


"Spring Arrivals", Pastel on paper, 18X24"

I am excited to announce that my studio piece "Spring Arrivals" just placed in the FAV 15 category of the Bold Brush competition.  This was particularly fun because I love working in pastels, and it's always great to see the medium appreciated.  This is and always has been a favorite subject matter of mine...although I hope you can tell the subject matter is really the light, not so much the sheep.  I see in terms of what in my subject matter is an interesting foil for the light.  In this case it was the wooly coats and the see through ears of the lambs.  Great fun.

ps, all these daily paintings and plein paintings I have been doing really inform my studio pieces.  I have a better understanding of how the color and light bounce around, particularly in shadowed areas.  The photos just don't give enough information to really get it right in a studio piece.


  1. Congrats Gaye, well deserved win!

  2. Congrats! It's beautiful! I love the light showing through the lambs ears. It's a great piece...

  3. Congrats! Highfive, that's awesome :)