September 23, 2010

Tangerine Unzipped oil on canvas, 6X6"

I just returned from teaching an oil painting/ daily painting workshop in Vancouver.  I had a great time with a great group!  The painting above was a workshop demo.

The students were all  acrylic painters that were new to oils, and they tackled the prospect head on.  What they maybe hadn't figured was that the workshop was about seeing accurately - drawing, tonality, color, etc. as much it was about tackling the medium of oils.  In representational painting there is absolutely NO getting around a firm understanding of the basics.   Oil is a great medium to facilitate the process, as misteps are easily corrected.  Recognizing what went wrong and changing it is how we learn.  John Holt said:
"We learn to do by doing, there is no other way". 

To that end, I am offering a daily painting in oils workshop during the first week of November. The info is in my sidebar to the right.  Contact me with any questions.

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