September 19, 2010

AIRS International Exhibition

I thought I would show you a studio piece that was just accepted into the AIRS Exhibition to be held in Vancouver this fall.  This piece is a pastel and so far on this blog I have shown you only my small oil paintings.  I have been a pastellist for most of my art career and love the medium.  My new love is oils, but there's nothing like an old love.  I paint in both mediums these days, but most commercial galleries are far more interested in carrying works that aren't behind glass.  Pity.

This piece is 18X24" soft pastel on paper, entitled "Cows at Haybreak".


  1. This is really lovely! I too have worked in pastels for a long time, and love them. Then a few years ago I became re-aquainted with oils, and love them now too. It is a pity that pastels are still not quite as accepted into galleries as something which isn't under glass. Oh well.

  2. This is excellent. The cool shadows are my favourite feature. It's a really accomplished piece, very well done.

  3. Thanks so much Elaine and Caroline. I did sort of try to wean myself off of pastels for commercial reasons, but alas, they just keep calling me. Pastels are so direct and fresh, especially when it comes to bumping reflected light around.

    I think I will be marketing my pastels in the States; they seem a little more appreciative of the medium south of the border for some reason.

    Happy painting to you both.

  4. Congratulations, your work is wonderful!