October 4, 2018

Weekly Studio Workshop Starting November 8!

Vargas Island Morning, 16X16"

Well, it's that time of year again.  Plein air days are numbered, and I am preparing to settle back into my studio work for November and December.  As much as I enjoy painting in the great outdoors, there is a rhythm to my studio work that I enjoy as well.  It could have something to do with the hot cup of coffee and the Ted Talks I play in the background.  The sound of the rain coming down while I work away the hours, waiting to see what will happen on the easel.

It gives me a chance to pour through my plein air studies and photo references, like nuts gathered for the winter, and imagine what might be born from them.  It's a lovely moment when inspiration strikes and I know exactly what I want to paint.

Then comes the series of decisions that follows:

-How big does this painting want to be?
-How shall I compose this to make sure the viewer is engaged in the manner I intend?
-What do I intend?  What am I trying to say?
-What format to use.....hmmmm

All of these things to consider before beginning can create "easel pause".  It is easy to lose momentum when we stop to plan.  And when we don't plan, it can be quite a roll of the dice as to whether the painting turns out to be really strong or just mediocre.

I'm a great fan of planning and making good decisions when approaching a large piece.  If I am going to invest a considerable amount of time, I want to give myself every opportunity for success.

In my six week studio class coming up, I want to address this process.  I will bring my works in progress and share my process and help you add some tools to your belt to aid you in your process.  I seek to create an engaging and supportive atmosphere. I will do some demos, we will have some critiques, and we may even do some painting exercises to expand your present skill set, which is a lot of fun.

Here's the info:

When:  November 8 to Dec 14, Fridays
Time: 11:15-3:15
Location:  Riverside Room, Fort Langley
Cost: $350 for six four hour sessions

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