November 6, 2016

Keep it Simple !

My Croatia tour was wonderful!  The weather, the people, the students - I had an amazing time.  And painting wise, it was a target rich environment.

This little study was done on sight in Orevic, a small coastal village in Croatia.  We tumbled off the Korcula ferry and painted in this small village on two separate days.  Figures in paintings are not my typical subject matter, but the sun was very warm, so we sought out shady spots, and this is what presented.

I have always found it quite fascinating, this process of editing down when plein air painting.  Less IS always more.  To paint everything is not possible, but if you edit down to the essential elements, the eye and the human brain seems to take great delight in figuring out the details for themselves.

In a previous blog entitled "The Devil is in the Details"  I discussed this concept of editing down, particularly on location, because of having a very limited amount of time to paint.  In this quick study you can see how detail is suggested as opposed to being rendered literally.  Big shapes are accurate, small shapes are limited and abstracted - and it reads.

As fall sets in, my memories are taking me back to those sun - drenched shores, and painting adventures that included cappucinos, more than a few cold beers, and the company of some wonderful painters.  I'll post a few sunny paintings in the weeks to come to help keep you warm. :)

Meanwhile, back in Canada, I will be doing a warm, indoor painting workshop entitled "Oils, Fast and Fresh".  It will be all about making light filled paintings indoors, painting wet in wet oils.  The information is below:

What:  Oils Fast and Fresh
Where:  Gallery 204, Langley BC
When:  Dec 2,3, and 4th
Cost: $275
Class limit: 12
cell: 250-804-5295

Paint on pilgrims!

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