October 15, 2015

Silver Linings

"Apple Day" 8X10" plein air

I've had some time away from plein air this last bit, (my right hand is still out of commission)  and got out weekend before last on the most beautiful September day you can imagine.  It was "Apple Day" in Fort Langley, and my painting buddy, Janice Robertson, invited me to join in the fun.

As you can see, the one handed painting is getting a little easier, because my right hand can now participate to some degree.  It's more like painting with 1.2 hands.  I am adapting.  My hand will close but not open, and I have learned to hold my brush with my right hand, but the dexterity is of course much different than it was.  I find myself actually painting back and forth between my two hands, which is a rather interesting experience.

  I am having to paint from the shoulder instead of the wrist, which is actually a better way to paint.  I did not see that silver lining coming.  Silver linings are often like that.

I am wondering what would happen if I painted with both hands simultaneously.  Hmmm.......

I am told a second surgery will likely be successful in restoring some function.  While that would be lovely, I must confess I am becoming friends with this different ability.  Still, I look forward to a fix for my hand.   Typing and tying shoes would certainly be a great deal easier.

Until then, I shall continue to explore this very uneven terrain.  There may be another silver lining in there somewhere.

Happy painting!


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  1. I love your attitude Gaye! I am so glad things are getting easier and you are able to continue painting, maybe this was just a way for you to learn to use your left hand and find other ways. I hope the surgery does the trick and you recover well!