July 9, 2015

Bear Valley Boulders, 6X8"

My workshop at Bear valley Highlands was SO much fun.  I usually work 8X10" in the field, but this one is considerably smaller - only 6X8".

It was a return to working a little smaller, and a little faster.  It forces simplicity, which is a good thing.

' TAKE NOTICE OF THAT WHICH IS INCONSEQUENTIAL, AND THEN IGNORE IT'.  I read this quote years ago,   I don't remember where,  but it has stuck with me.  It's great advice for the brave soul that rises to the challenge of painting in the field.

You can see that it is minimalist in terms of simplified forms and economy of strokes.  That is a good thing in plein air painting, and working small encourages that.  The whole painting was done with one brush - a 1/2" flat.  Used on edge and held in different ways a good, sharp flat that keeps it's shape is invaluable.

I am teaching two more plein air workshops this next while, and here they are:

August 20-23 (four days)
Contact:  sthiessen@artswhistler.com

September 24-26 (3 days)
Leading Edge Art Workshops

Both workshops will focus on simplifying the landscape into it's basic elements: value, shape, color and edges - and how to get it all down in an accurate and timely fashion.

Come out and join me - the weather is fine!

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