June 30, 2013

Clouds over Lumbarda

It was a very changeable morning in Lumbarda, Croatia, and one of my students expressed a desire to paint clouds....so we went up on a balcony overlooking the sea and got at it.

The sun came out, then went away, it sprinkled, stopped sprinking, the wind blew.....and we managed to finish a cloud study each.  Clouds are fascinating to paint - here are a few discoveries I have personally made in the process.

-clouds have a linear perspective to them - ignore that and the sky will not read.  This is tricky, because they are different sizes, and different heights in the sky.  Watch what is in front of what.

-clouds don't always "move through" the sky, pushed by the wind.  Sometimes they appear and disappear  right out of and back into the ether.

- the dark underside of storm clouds is not usually as dark as you think it is;  it is simply darker than all the tones around it.  You can get this relationship correct more easily if you keep your eye moving around the tonal relationships in the entire painting while laying in the cloud masses.

- Clouds are not blue gray on the underside and white in the highlit areas - the grays lean towards violet, and the whites are modified (warmed up with a little yellow and red)

Little observations, but important ones.  I am ever the student, and nature the teacher.


DATES:August 30, 31, Sept 1
COST: $325 (10% discount for early birds, 10% discount for bringing a friend)
LOCATION:  In and around the Shuswap in BC's sunny interior, Sorrento, BC

email me@ gayeadams@telus.net for more information

I'd love to work with you this summer, we will be traveling out from my home studio in Sorrento BC.  Locations will be easy to get to, and I will endeavour to find shaded areas - a facility is available in the unlikely event of rain.

I will also be teaching at Whistler August 23, and Bear Valley highlands third week of September.  Click the link in the sidebar of this blog to check them out!

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