April 22, 2013

Discovering a New Process

Watchers in the Woods 24X30" oil

I have been off the radar lately, painting for a show....sequestered in my studio and not coming up for air much.  So, what I have to show you this time is a studio painting.  I thought it might be of interest to you  (because it was of interest to me) the kind of process that unfolded around this particular piece.


I have often worked from photo reference material in my studio work, or from a combination of field sketch and photo reference,  but here is how this process was unique for me.  I had photographed a snow scene, then the first deer on a summer day hiking, and the second deer on a camping trip a year later.  Three different light sources.  I had to wonder if I was smart enough to put it all together.


I know other painters who do this sort of thing often, but it was a little daunting for me.  The foreground and cast light through the branches came from a memory primarily, and the rest fit together mostly from my mind's eye.  In my personal life I am learning to get curious rather than nervous around things that are unknown, and it is leaking into my art - and I am rather enjoying that. 


I am becoming less afraid of failure, because I no longer see failure as truly failing.  I see it more like learning what doesn't work.   I heard it said once "Never be ashamed of your paintings that fail, but rather of the paintings that you failed to try".  Wisdom, don't you think?

Paint on my friends, paint on.

I am off to Croatia to paint, and shall drop a line when I am next able.  Till then, keep your brushes wet.


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