January 2, 2013

Sea to Sky, Oil on panel, 18X24"

This is my most recent studio painting, and depicts a scene on a shore in the Great Bear Rainforest.  The afternoon I spent on this solitary beach is one etched forever in my memory.  I had rowed to this spot with two fellow painters (I had the blisters to prove it) and was seperated from them for the day by the rising tide.

The time flew, and I completed three studies from this spot during the late morning and afternoon.  Painting barefoot on a pristine beach, with only the sound of gently lapping waves and the calls of seabirds was a profound experience for me.

 I am filled with gratitude as 2013 starts that I have the privilege of working as an artist in this lifetime.  It affords me many wonderful moments....moments connected with nature, with fellow artists, and with myself.   Moments frozen in time and etched in my memory.

As we enter a new year (and maybe a new dynamic on the planet) my hope for you all is that you will
find the wind to fill your sails full.


UPCOMING  2013 WORKSHOPS:   See sidebar of this post for more info

 January 18-21 Plein Air painting in Santa Barbara, CA
February 21-24 Introduction to Painting with Soft Pastels, Calgary, AB
March 22-25 Painting the Light, Sorrento, BC
April 30-May 10  Plein Air painting in Croatia
August 23-25 Painting from the Model, Whistler, BC


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