November 11, 2012

The Sisterhood

L to R: Liz Wiltzen, Sarah Kidner, Janice Robertson, Gaye Adams, Suzanne Northcott, Jean Pedersen

Here are my good painting friends and I at the opening of our show "Six Degrees of Expression" that has been on display at the FCA gallery at Granville Island, Vancouver.

This is what we wanted to do - create an "all girls" show that was strong and beautiful, and I think we pulled it off.  We all have this tremendous sense I think of being out from under the shadow of stigma around men being stronger or more serious painters than women.  Did you know that within the ranks of the Federation of Canadian Artists, the senior signature status realm is no longer male dominated?

In other art arenas, the tide has turned as well.  I have often wondered at why my workshops are very much female dominated, and I think it is a sign of the times.  We  women are truly life long learners, and the lessons are paying off.

It's a coming of age, and our time is now.  Paint on sisters, paint on.

PS  I have a few spots left in my "Skill Building Essentials" (see sidebar for description)  workshop at the end of November, email me with any questions:

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