November 28, 2010

"Montecito Vista" oil on canvas, 8X10"

I spent a lovely day on the knoll of a hill overlooking the homes of the rich and famous - Oprah, Michael Douglas, Steve Martin.  I wondered if any of them were having as nice a day as I was.

This was a study in simplifying the plethora of information that sprawled out before me, and it proved easier than I thought.  The tendency I have observed in myself is that if I get overwhelmed out there and start losing the big shapes by breaking things up and trying to shore up my idea with more detail, I have to reign myself in and remind myself to keep it simple.  Large shapes to small shapes,  highest contrast and most saturated colors around the center of interest and in the foreground.  Basic things....important things.

" The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing." - Steven Covey

I'm reminded once again, that life is like art.


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  1. Love the field studies you're creating out there in Sunny CA friend! Sun on your face and breeze on your toes, life is good...