May 31, 2010

Sanctuary, oil on canvas, 8X10"

This is a painting done in morning light in what is becoming a favorite painting spot for me - a bird sanctuary.    I had painted a scene similar to this a few days before that was an abysmal failure because I was unable to simplify the complex masses of bullrushes and grasses.  I got so lost that it was difficult to tell what the painting was about.  Lesson learned.  Here all the masses are laid in simply and quickly.  It worked so I quit fussing.

 Only say what needs to be said and then leave it alone.  I think that painting is a lot like writing or speaking.   Make your point and then stop diddling.  If you say too much, your focus or point will be watered down or, worse yet, lost altogether.


  1. Nice piece Gaye, it has a lovely soft peaceful feel to it. I like the reflective quality of the water. I agree, get out while the going is good!

  2. Hard to learn! But wonderful when it can be done. It is a nice piece Gaye!