December 5, 2009

High Key Oranges

This little painting presented a new situation for me. I don't generally ever paint a high key painting. I always go for the drama of the darks - you'll notice there is nothing lower than a middle value in this painting. I still wanted the effect of bright light, but rendering it without the benefit of the full value scale was just something new for me. The possibilities when you are setting up your own subject matter is endless. What a great adventure!


  1. Hi Gaye,
    i am also trying to do a painting a day but so far it's working out to be a painting a week!
    i'm staying within the 3hour limit however and i'm gaining a lot of satisfaction with completing these small painting.
    p.s. will you be posting another entry soon? ;)

  2. Hi Gaye,
    I want to feel the pods of juice explode in my mouth with their orangyeness! What a great piece!


  3. It looks more delicious than the real thing!