November 5, 2019


a view from Montelparo, where the workshop is being held

Ah, how I love the combination of travel and painting!

When travelling we so often have the experience of trying to jam in as many different sights as we can, and to keep moving from place to place to place.  When travelling and painting, one is compelled to fully savour each spot one visits.  The smells, sights, sounds and rhythms of  a place will reveal themselves if you just sit and stay for a spell.

In this way, the act of painting on location becomes meditative, and the painting at the end of the process a touchstone to remember a particular place and your particular experience of it - a journal in paint, if you will.

Here are some of the experiences I've had - folks coming out from their homes and offering espresso at the easel in the late afternoon in a European seaside village.  I once had a small song bird perch on the end of my brush (yes, the end with no paint).   On still another occasion, I felt the hum of a small Croatian fishing village and the young men brought in their nets and grandparents strolled little ones by the ocean.  In Ireland, I painted the roaring Atlantic while my paint box filled with hail and merino sheep looked on.   I had a large Guiness  by a warm fire at the end of that  particular day! 

So, the next big painting adventure is to Italy, staying in a charming 15 century villa in a small bucolic hilltop town called Montelparo.  It will be a small group that I will take with me, only six to ten, and we will have a private chef.  I can hardly wait!  I've never been to this region of Italy.  If you are curious, or feel you may be interested in joining in on the adventure,

It would be lovely to have you join me.  Feel free to email me with any questions:   Who knows what fun awaits?

Happy painting everyone!


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